Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Swatch and quick comparison of Blonde and Redhead MSF

So this might be a little late for B who needs this, but anyways,

- Blonde MSF is my preferred one out of the two - gives your cheeks a pink glow.
- Redhead MSF is not peach but more like orange-y bronze. However, I think there's too pink tones in it for it to be used as a bronzer.
- Blonde MSF is more pigmented than the Redhead one, the Blonde swatch required only one swipe whilst the Redhead one was done at least twice.
- For some reason it looks rather chalky in the no flash picture - this is not the case.
- So overall I think these are really gorgeous, HOWEVER, after two days of continuous use, a pimple appeared on my cheek- I never get pimples there. I'm hoping it's not the MSFs. I'll test it for a few more days.