Saturday, June 14, 2008

Retail therapy.

Assessment three is over, yay. No more overdosing on V, running out of Berocca supply, living on four hours of sleep a day, etc etc. I thought I had learnt my lessons before on not cramming, but I guess not. Anyways, I swear retail therapy had helped me survive through this period, so here goes!

- Ralph Lauren cream wool blazer. This is one of my best purchases (and best bargain) EVER, I was scared the colour was going to look a bit "pimpy" (think casinos) but fortunately it doesn't, and because it's a bit big, it doubles as a coat!
- I've always wanted to go op-shopping but never actually bothered. Someone told me op shops in Campsie were pretty good, and I think they're right! After sorting through racks of junk, I found this blouse -100% silk and looks hardly worn! I also found this lacy Victorian style wedding dress which I was thinking of turning into a knee length dress. I didn't go back for it because Emily begged not to and that it was the ugliest thing she'd ever seen - she manages to turn me off alot of things.
- This looks like a shapeless sack here, but it's really cute. I've been looking everywhere for a nice pussy bow blouse, and whilst the fit is a bit weird, this'll have to made do.
- I think I'm starting to get into mineral makeup, 1) it's not bad for your skin, 2) it's quite cheap and works just as well as mid-high end brands. This lot of pigment samples are from Pure Luxe, whilst a few are a bit sheer, when applied foiled I think the quality is comparable to MAC. I'm now thinking of trying Archetype, Taylor Made, and maybe some mica and other things from Coastal Scents to mix and make my own shadows! If anyone wants to just get a few samples let me know:)

I was so surprised when my mum insisted that I get this. (!) This woolen blazer is from the Zac Posen for Target range, I had eyed it when it was first released but didn't want to pay full price when these ranges are usually heavily reduced a few weeks later, so I was glad I could get this for less than half price. I loved how it looked a little bit Elizabethan/Victorian (lol) with the pockets and at the back, and mum loved how it cinched at the waist, so needless to say, it became a sort of after-exam present.

Thought I'd catch up on sleep yesterday/today so I slept for 14 hours till 4pm, when I was meant to get up before 12 to list a few things on Ebay because I'm so damn pov right now. AND I want these Valerie Tolosa dresses. AND I need to pay for my jersey (long overdue).

Shall leave you now with a lovely picture. I don't think she'd let me put it up so I tried photoshopping her face and it somehow turned out like this...

P.S. Exam makes me anal. Another rant post coming up soon.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

3 down. 4 to go.

Never thought a 3u math exam can leave one so depressed, and what makes it worse, is that whilst whining to the person behind you afterwards, you forget that your glasses are still under the table and walk off without it. Hope someone found it and handed it in, only had it for 6 months dammit.

One more week and I'm free - for another 2 months. My birthday is almost in a month, but I can't bring myself to be excited because if you think about it negatively, it's one month closer to trials, shit.

And yay my urban outfitter order arrived just before the exams, but boo to the mail forwarding service I used, so unprofessional and dishonest, definitely won't be using them again. Argh.

Isn't the box pretty?

What's in the box! (minus betty's camera)

And most importantly, my oxfords!

I got the BEST cream blazer/coat yesterday, but back to pomo for now.

Good luck everyone and hang in there!! <3