Saturday, May 23, 2009

And it's not my fault it's how I am programmed to function

Lily Allen, The Fear

This Sretsis dress is one of my favourite recent purchases, love the fit and the print! My search for the perfect black tshirt dress would've came to an end if this dress is a tad bit longer.

Close up of the print

I thought Oroton's recent 50% off sale was the perfect time for me to get a new wallet after my old one was stolen a while ago. I would've must preferred this baby, but alas, my uni student budget...

The latest purchase is this pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans. Can't wait for it to arrive:D


Friday, May 8, 2009

Bow overload!

I finally received my ASOS order!

From the side it may just look like a normal beret and cardigan...

But front on, bows galore!

Close up of the beret. I don't know where I'll be wearing it, but I really like it!

ASOS bow front frill cardigan; Sparkle & Fade embroidered slip, Upper Fifth wool double bow beret.

Friday, May 1, 2009

That's what makes my life, so fucking fantastic.

- I REALLY need another holiday.

- Easter Show is really a waste of time no matter what what some people insist.
But how gorgeous is this cake?!

A: How awesome would it be if my legs were really like this! J: If you have legs like that, i would proceed to smack you, because I know you can't run after me with those alien legs.
Ah, I miss this girl......

- Coming to my house because you have the privilege of getting "dressed up". Ha.

Off to study acct now.................