Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black humour

Oh wow, it's been almost a month since my last post!

I've been so busy now that I've transferred to a certain combined degree and hence feeling very drained!

With the weather cooling down, I've been stocking up on some winter gears, but I'm still on the outlook for thick stockings with cute patterms - any suggestions?

I can finally pull out all my new cardigans now thanks to the windy days!

I haven't stopped wearing this scarf since I received it, rose print + silk = love! Excuse the lousy knot - I don't have superior scarf tying skills like MaiTai, although I got to say, if I have all her gorgeous Hermes scarves, I'd spend the rest of my life perfecting "scarf tying".

A close up of pearl stitchings on the cardigan, so cute!

This entire outfit is from a Korean wholesale website called Zipia. The prices are very reasonable and they have some nice pieces, although the setbacks are that you have to order $300 worth per order and the clothe sizes are tiny! I'm an AUS8-10 and according to the measurements only about 20-30% of them would fit me! Boo hiss.

Heart cardigan
Zipia long-sleeved v-neck dress
Zipia scarf


p.s. does anyone know how to change the date/time of the post so that it displays when the post is actually posted ?