Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thoughts, and the materialistic.

Although HSC is over and I should be having the time of my life, it somehow just doesn't feel that way. Sure I'm enjoying myself out and about everyday, coming home at ridiculous hours and effectively pissing the folks off, but this "fun" is so temporary that one day later I had already forgotten what I did the day before. I feel like I'm wasting my life away, and I feel like I need to do something but I have no idea what it is.

On a different and more optimistic note, yours sincerely has landed herself a job at a particular cosmetics and skin care counter in Myer! I'm so excited!

Not Christmas yet and there are SO many sales already! Here are my favourite picks for the next few days,

Cue's 40th birthday!
Click here!
I'm definitely going tomorrow, and for the first time
(and probably the last), as soon as I read the email, I wished I was turning 40 the next day!

Rachel Gilbert sale!
On now!
Prices start at $49. Current stock at least 50% off.
Suite 11, Level 5, 50 Holt Street, Surry Hills.

Herringbone Outlet Sale!
27th- 30th
Up to 90% off!

118 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills Massive Past Season Clearance!
Prices startin from $5!
362 Darling Street

One Teaspoon Summer Warehouse Sale!
With prices starting at just $5.00, you cannot miss this sale.
Unit 1, 28-34 Roseberry Street, Balgowlah

Camilla and Marc Relocation Sale!
50-70% off
291 Young Street

Tuchuzy Burwood Garage Sale!
Saturday 29th November, 2008
Up to 75% off
150 Burwood Road

Shona Joy End of Season Sample Sale!
T-shirts from $10, printed cotton and silk dresses from $40 and never before seen one off samples.

617 Elizabeth St
Redfern, NSW

So many sales, so little money, what's a girl to do?!

Also I've created a blog to put items on sale before I list them on ebay, so please visit for some awesome bargains!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Withering Smaragdos.

When procrastinating during the HSC period, I often turned to makeup for some form of entertainment. This is one of the looks I came up with using MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes palette. I called it Withering Smaragdos because of the dark green hues (Smaragdos meaning emerald in Greek - a neither creative nor attractive name I know).

I used,
-Sunday Best as highlighter
-Club all over lid
-Showstopper in crease and outer V

- Mac Fluidline in Graphic Brown

-Estee Lauder Brown Pencil

-Too Faced Lash injection

And a quick run down of my past few not-so-exciting-but-better-than-exam days.

Went to get my camera fixed on Monday in Chatswood; no thanks to whereis which made me walk in a circle, and then in the wrong direction - although some people who I ranted to insisted that I copied down the directions wrong. I'll hear back from them tomorrow as to whether it can be fixed, but fingers crossed they can!

Tuesday was meant to be my "rest" day, but decided to go watch a movie with the free Hoyts ticket I had with a big group of people. We watched Dying Breed, quite gory but wasn't really good, and like a review I had read about it, I'm sure the Tasmanian tourism industry won't be liking it!

Today would've been a nice day at home had I not been asked by Jenny to do her makeup for SBHS formal ! I tried two looks on her, and she ended up picking a subtle greenish smoky eye - similar to the one I posted above but more toned down. It went pretty successfully I think, except for the trouble I had with false eyelashes; I think it's suffice to say that both of us will be hating it for a while!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Yours sincerely survived the HSC, oh yes she did!

Looking back, the last few weeks had been nothing more that just a blur - lots of procrastination, V, and attempts to study as well as a need to release "anger".

Nevertheless there was always the fun part, and the main highlights that I remember being Jiang and Emily Thai's birthdays.
Jenny's 18th where the theme was "pink"

Emily's birthday which consisted of food, food, and more food!

But I'm just really glad it is all over!

Immediate post-HSC celebration consisted merely of indulging in gelato with J and N and then shopping in city, and looking for a new foundation; but after only 3 hours of walking, boy my legs are aching!

A list of things I need to do are,
- Bin/bonfire notes that are no longer needed.
- Sell textbooks
- Find a job
- Clean up
- Clear out wardrobe and sell unnecessary clothes+shoes+makeup

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The end is coming.

In four days, yours sincerely will be graduating from high school. It will be a bittersweet moment, I'm sure. On the one hand there is the freedom, on the other, you realise your childhood is well and truly over, and you'll miss those you've grown close to.

Whilst there were moments (or years) in the past six years which I hope could be erased or re-lived, it was nevertheless an invaluable period of my life which had shaped who I am now.

I've made friends, lost friends, but I know the most valuables one to me are those who are there for me when I'm at my weakest.

I know I sound incredibly cliche, but hey, it's true.

I hope my tears will control themselves at graduation.

Sydney High, we'll miss you...

After graduation assembly and following the October holidays will be the eminent HSC. In this light then, from today my social life(except for two "special" birthdays), my access to the internet and by extension my posting will be on hiatus .

Finally, I would like to wish all my fellow o8'ers good luck for their upcoming exams.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh my eyes.

Someone requested for something more me and more opinionated, so here goes, fashion grrs!

1) The infamous legging-worn-as-pants-epidemic. Why have people not realised after so long that leggings made of spandex/lycra/jersey material that show off your VPL and every single bump is not considered as pants? I mean to the supermarket or the gym is fine for the sake of comfort, but really, I don't want to see you strut in front of me with a midriff top and tights, neither do I want to see you walking towards me with a camel toe and/or polterwang. If you won't wear that top/dress with bare legs, than don't wear it with leggings! Nevertheless, a worser trend has risen, sheer STOCKINGS worn as pants. I think this is self explanatory.

2) Pants/jeans that sit half way down your buttocks. I do not want to see your bum cleavage or your bum cheeks squeezed together, or your lacy g-string, and neither do I want to see your granny undies. Stop raping my eyes.

3) I dislike the Guess bags that have massive bling blings and monograms scribbled all over. I think they look cheap and tacky, but each to their own I guess. However, I can't comprehend the need for fake Guess bags?

4) Ugg boots in public. Leave them at home.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oldie now!

A much belated post for a few days ago...

So yours sincerely turned 18 ...

... and what better way to start off the day than a big bowl of ice cream at French Riviera...

... with awesome people like these? (plus lisa who was takin the photo)...

... before heading off to K with even more awesome people and the cake...

And then dinner+pool. Thanks to everyone who came, and for all the presents! Love you all=]

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Retail therapy.

Assessment three is over, yay. No more overdosing on V, running out of Berocca supply, living on four hours of sleep a day, etc etc. I thought I had learnt my lessons before on not cramming, but I guess not. Anyways, I swear retail therapy had helped me survive through this period, so here goes!

- Ralph Lauren cream wool blazer. This is one of my best purchases (and best bargain) EVER, I was scared the colour was going to look a bit "pimpy" (think casinos) but fortunately it doesn't, and because it's a bit big, it doubles as a coat!
- I've always wanted to go op-shopping but never actually bothered. Someone told me op shops in Campsie were pretty good, and I think they're right! After sorting through racks of junk, I found this blouse -100% silk and looks hardly worn! I also found this lacy Victorian style wedding dress which I was thinking of turning into a knee length dress. I didn't go back for it because Emily begged not to and that it was the ugliest thing she'd ever seen - she manages to turn me off alot of things.
- This looks like a shapeless sack here, but it's really cute. I've been looking everywhere for a nice pussy bow blouse, and whilst the fit is a bit weird, this'll have to made do.
- I think I'm starting to get into mineral makeup, 1) it's not bad for your skin, 2) it's quite cheap and works just as well as mid-high end brands. This lot of pigment samples are from Pure Luxe, whilst a few are a bit sheer, when applied foiled I think the quality is comparable to MAC. I'm now thinking of trying Archetype, Taylor Made, and maybe some mica and other things from Coastal Scents to mix and make my own shadows! If anyone wants to just get a few samples let me know:)

I was so surprised when my mum insisted that I get this. (!) This woolen blazer is from the Zac Posen for Target range, I had eyed it when it was first released but didn't want to pay full price when these ranges are usually heavily reduced a few weeks later, so I was glad I could get this for less than half price. I loved how it looked a little bit Elizabethan/Victorian (lol) with the pockets and at the back, and mum loved how it cinched at the waist, so needless to say, it became a sort of after-exam present.

Thought I'd catch up on sleep yesterday/today so I slept for 14 hours till 4pm, when I was meant to get up before 12 to list a few things on Ebay because I'm so damn pov right now. AND I want these Valerie Tolosa dresses. AND I need to pay for my jersey (long overdue).

Shall leave you now with a lovely picture. I don't think she'd let me put it up so I tried photoshopping her face and it somehow turned out like this...

P.S. Exam makes me anal. Another rant post coming up soon.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

3 down. 4 to go.

Never thought a 3u math exam can leave one so depressed, and what makes it worse, is that whilst whining to the person behind you afterwards, you forget that your glasses are still under the table and walk off without it. Hope someone found it and handed it in, only had it for 6 months dammit.

One more week and I'm free - for another 2 months. My birthday is almost in a month, but I can't bring myself to be excited because if you think about it negatively, it's one month closer to trials, shit.

And yay my urban outfitter order arrived just before the exams, but boo to the mail forwarding service I used, so unprofessional and dishonest, definitely won't be using them again. Argh.

Isn't the box pretty?

What's in the box! (minus betty's camera)

And most importantly, my oxfords!

I got the BEST cream blazer/coat yesterday, but back to pomo for now.

Good luck everyone and hang in there!! <3

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're all Lovers.

The lookbook for Lover's SS 08/09 collection (Southern Hemisphere), "Love Bomb" is just up! T

It's such a big collection and looks pretty good, although the Northern Hemisphere FW 08 collection is simply amazing. I'm especially loving, no. 2, 9, 16, 22, 39, 54 and 57. Bleh, I'd be lucky if I can afford just one of them. Most of the dresses are in the $600-$700 range.


P.S. Apparently there will be no DFEE anymore for law, which hopefully means that the cut-off for combined law will be lowered this year!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crisis much?

Here's a video called The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard.

As you may all know, I may be no environment freak, but I think this is an important issue that needs to be addressed in our society that has such an emphasis on capitalism. And it's not just just all about the environment and the consumption of finite natural resources, but there's also a range of hidden concerns such as exploitation, health hazards, propaganda, and so forth.

Over the last year, I've realised how fashion trends are circular (as outlined in the video with the wide/skinny heels), and more that probably to create fads and encourage spending. Hence, I've been trying to invest in classic designs and good, natural fabrics; yes, trying to phase out any acrylic /rayon/polyester crap which which isn't exactly good for you and causes pollution. But yes I know, I'm still sucked in by this whole commodity fetishism, it's so powerful because it's all around us. But I'm trying!!! The funny thing is, these issues have all been mentioned by Karl Marx over a hundred years ago. Hmm...

ETA: gone.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've been so stressed lately and thus very whine-y, so here goes..=) My first rant is about makeup, usually with what I see at school, and funny how it's always those grades below mine..

1) You do not need a full face makeup at school, that is, caked on foundation, half a pan of blush, bronzers that makes you look like an Oompa Loompa, thick black eyeliner around the whole of your eye, so much mascara that your lashes clump into one, and to top it off, eyeshadow. A tinted moisturiser/mascara/liner is more than sufficient, or if really necessary, then a thin layer of foundation/blush.
2) If you do decide to cake on your foundation, then at least get the right shade use a little bit of blush; I see too many that look like sick ghosts.
3) If you're obsessed with blush and insist on overblushing at school, then at least blend, PLEASE? I've seen some girls do it and it does look pretty good and help to contour their faces, but... Yesterday morning, I saw a girl and literally barfed when I walked past. Her skin was quite fair and she had two diagonal dark orange stripes across her cheekbone, and for a second, I thought it was some sort of tribal face painting. Seriously, if you don't have the time to blend it in, then either use a light hand or not use it at all?
4) Dark eyeshadows over your entire lids are unnecessary for school unless you're doing a play/dance.
5) Foundations don't cover big red pimples, there's something called a concealer.
6) Why line your entire eye when it makes your eyes look like slits (I learnt this the hard way!).
7) Frost nudish lipglosses that are 5 shades lighter than your lips as just gross.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

my friend E. Thai...

Once upon a time in year 8 or 9, I met a girl, lets call her ET who insisted that everyone calls her "stupid". Fast forward to year 11, she became someone I had to sit next to in math and put up with all her whinging=P So this girl loves to bitch and gossip, and is a total fatass. Here's an acoustic poem for you baby;)

Everyone hates her
Must lose 3/4 of her weight
I think she should shut up
You suck bitch

But jokes aside, though you label yourself as a untrustworthy gossip-er, I want to...
... thank you for being such a great friend for the past years... (gets all cliche)
... thank you for being there for me when I was on the verge of jumping off a cliff (slight exaggeration)
... thank you for being there when i was emotionally unstable/pmsing
... thank you for being there when I needed someone to whine/bitch to, or simply someone to swear at and fight with=P
... thank you for being not anorexic so I can sleep on your stomach
... thank you for being not fat so you can't squash me
... thank you for being an idiot so I can laugh at you
... thank you for reminding me that my marks are plummeting
... thank you for buying me a cake when i needed it the most... ♥


Thai, I love you *confesses*, but since I'm not a nose picker and you're into them short nose pickers, I can't love you anymore. HAHAHAH

xo peace bitch=]

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5 day long weekend!!

The only good thing about exams, is that you get the rest of the week off=] So I slept at 10.30 last night hoping to get 12hrs+ of sleep, only to be receive a call from stupid MALAY aka Wayne at midnight with an eco question==" I was half asleep so i think i confused him even more, and haha I forgot to mention that i crammed 2 topics in 2 days=P Anyhow, still managed 12 hrs of sleep! And a special good luck to Lisa for her last exam!!

Part 2:
Forgot to include my Lancome L'extreme. I'm keeping my mascara count under as replacing 6 mascaras every 3 month is ridiculous even to me=P










Now I'm off to start on damn tutor hw for tonight.
xX <3

Elizabeth: I'm from Sydney
Colleen: Most of my MAC face brushes are SE because I can't afford many full sized ones haha. I've used everything at least once, does that count?=P

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

YAY! 2nd assessments over!

I'm so glad... no more living on coffee+4hrs sleep! Was going to come home from physics today and catch up on sleep, but stupid Dna talked me into staying for bball training. Trying to find something to kill time and thought I'd start a blog and occupied myself with taking pics of most of my little makeup collection so I'd stop buying for a while and save for that Nicola Finetti dress i want for my formal! I'll upload them over a few days=]

Part 1:



Forgot to include Smashbox #3 brush

Half my Shu lashes are somewhere down the drain along with my MAC #20... haha my unco-ness!