Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh my eyes.

Someone requested for something more me and more opinionated, so here goes, fashion grrs!

1) The infamous legging-worn-as-pants-epidemic. Why have people not realised after so long that leggings made of spandex/lycra/jersey material that show off your VPL and every single bump is not considered as pants? I mean to the supermarket or the gym is fine for the sake of comfort, but really, I don't want to see you strut in front of me with a midriff top and tights, neither do I want to see you walking towards me with a camel toe and/or polterwang. If you won't wear that top/dress with bare legs, than don't wear it with leggings! Nevertheless, a worser trend has risen, sheer STOCKINGS worn as pants. I think this is self explanatory.

2) Pants/jeans that sit half way down your buttocks. I do not want to see your bum cleavage or your bum cheeks squeezed together, or your lacy g-string, and neither do I want to see your granny undies. Stop raping my eyes.

3) I dislike the Guess bags that have massive bling blings and monograms scribbled all over. I think they look cheap and tacky, but each to their own I guess. However, I can't comprehend the need for fake Guess bags?

4) Ugg boots in public. Leave them at home.