Thursday, November 26, 2009

But you had no memories

Apologies for lack of blogging recently. The inner nerd in me comes out and says that if I use the analogy of a business cycle, the past few months would be a recession, and the past few weeks, a trough. Luckily it's no GFC and after a fantastic day yesterday I feel I'm on the upturn again!


Someone once told me that a person shouldn't go out of their way to make something happen, and that there's no point in waiting.


That waiting will bring you neither happiness nor satisfaction.


And as much as it's in my nature to disagree with such a commnet, it's slowly, perversely, beginning to make some sort of sense.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do you get a little kick out of being so mundane?

Went to Sculptures by the Sea with a few friends today - lovely sunny weather and good exercise i guess!

Love how clear and blue the water is:)

Taking a break with J and L ♥

Trying to pose as an asian tourist...

People Market applique dress
House of Harlow thick stack ring


Thursday, November 5, 2009

So what if I break down?

♥ Bumming-around-the-house-attempting-to-study-for-the-last-exam outfit
Frizzy hair from running through the rain - when will I ever learn to bring an umbrella?!

Woodford & Co bird cage tee
American Apparel yoga pants (these feel like you're wearing nothing, seriously!)
Ben Sherman cardigan

♥ I'm absolutely loving the Sretsis S/S 2010 collection, and with a name like "Make My Heart Melt", how can i resist? Frills, bows, rosettes... ahh...
B.B. playsuit

Peony Dream Bustier Dress

Summer Polka-Dot Dress