Saturday, April 24, 2010

I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break,

It's a Saturday night and here I am catching up on readings and assignments whilst my neighbours are belting out tunes next door. Uni life sucks.

These picture were taken with my old Nokia phone and I had only discovered them again recently.
Katharine Jett dress (favourite dress ever!)
Purple stockings
Ralph Lauren Melba flats
(which have since gone into the bin - very upset that I couldn't find a back, they were so so comfortable)

Continuing on with camera photos, I was at L's last weekend and decided to take a little break whilst preparing for our moot and naturally I took out my phone and started abusing her mirror wardrobe door haha,
How gross are my knees? I should stop being so accident prone and play less bball i think!

And featuring L's piglet pillow=)

I love the lace detail on this dress!

CRYX lace dress
Silk rose scarf as belt

How is everyone elses' weekend going?:)


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paper bags and angry voices, under a sky of dust

Even though the last few days was meant to be a "break", I got barely any, if any. It was all about catching up a few weeks worth of readings - my punishment for being lazy i guess (thought we never learn do we?), with the exception of catching up with some awesome friends!

F21 ruffle knit top
Country Road pleat hem skirt
Glitter skinny belt
Zipia bow headband

I love this skirt, but the waistband is way too big; tagged as a size 8 yet I'm definitely not a small 8 if an 8 at all. What's up with vanity sizing these days, I swear they're getting worse as the seasons go by!

People often say that one doesn't appreciate what one has got until it's long gone, but it could also be said the other way - sometimes you only realise how much what you had sucked when it's gone. So wipe away the tears, because in no time you'll understand exactly what i mean=)

Monday, April 5, 2010

But my obssession won't let me leave

Their faces remained smiling as he traced the outlines with his fingertip. The colours on the photo had long faded, turning to a light sepia.

It was wrinkled and delicate like the veins of late-autumn leaves, its edges slightly folded – it must have been nearly twenty years old. He touched his father’s right arm that rested on his five year old shoulder.

In that photo his father looks away but the boy stares at him; stares, remotely.

Even in his memories and reveries he was aware of a most strange curiosity – that he could never find or meet the gaze of his father.

Soul Mate pocket tee
Kookai bandage skirt
Pearl headband
Shy Shy chain bag
Zipia leather/chain bracelet

Just digging through some of my old writing!


Friday, April 2, 2010

All your love is revenge

So, I'm still alive, just very very busy and with my head in lala land most of the time.

A quick late happy birthday shout out to Lisa and Alin!

Just back from law camp a few days ago and it was pretty damn fun!
with L♥

My cabin - Saturday night was meant to be dress up with a theme of "Superheros VS Villains".

With the gorgeous Sailor Moon!

The black Sretsis dress I'm wearing is one of my favourite - super flattering! Worn with,
F21 bow headband
F21 clutch (I'm seeing a pattern here!)
Wittner studded flats

Worst wardrobe malfunction of my life last night - went to BSOC cruise, and being the impatient me, stepped over a bench and split my dress down the back. Some how I dealt with it by tying a cardigan around my waist for the night. How embarassing.

With J before the said accident

And shortly after with some of the girls

Shipley & Halmos dress
Witchery chain cardigan
Wittner Belinda platforms