Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thoughts, and the materialistic.

Although HSC is over and I should be having the time of my life, it somehow just doesn't feel that way. Sure I'm enjoying myself out and about everyday, coming home at ridiculous hours and effectively pissing the folks off, but this "fun" is so temporary that one day later I had already forgotten what I did the day before. I feel like I'm wasting my life away, and I feel like I need to do something but I have no idea what it is.

On a different and more optimistic note, yours sincerely has landed herself a job at a particular cosmetics and skin care counter in Myer! I'm so excited!

Not Christmas yet and there are SO many sales already! Here are my favourite picks for the next few days,

Cue's 40th birthday!
Click here!
I'm definitely going tomorrow, and for the first time
(and probably the last), as soon as I read the email, I wished I was turning 40 the next day!

Rachel Gilbert sale!
On now!
Prices start at $49. Current stock at least 50% off.
Suite 11, Level 5, 50 Holt Street, Surry Hills.

Herringbone Outlet Sale!
27th- 30th
Up to 90% off!

118 Commonwealth Street
Surry Hills Massive Past Season Clearance!
Prices startin from $5!
362 Darling Street

One Teaspoon Summer Warehouse Sale!
With prices starting at just $5.00, you cannot miss this sale.
Unit 1, 28-34 Roseberry Street, Balgowlah

Camilla and Marc Relocation Sale!
50-70% off
291 Young Street

Tuchuzy Burwood Garage Sale!
Saturday 29th November, 2008
Up to 75% off
150 Burwood Road

Shona Joy End of Season Sample Sale!
T-shirts from $10, printed cotton and silk dresses from $40 and never before seen one off samples.

617 Elizabeth St
Redfern, NSW

So many sales, so little money, what's a girl to do?!

Also I've created a blog to put items on sale before I list them on ebay, so please visit for some awesome bargains!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Withering Smaragdos.

When procrastinating during the HSC period, I often turned to makeup for some form of entertainment. This is one of the looks I came up with using MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes palette. I called it Withering Smaragdos because of the dark green hues (Smaragdos meaning emerald in Greek - a neither creative nor attractive name I know).

I used,
-Sunday Best as highlighter
-Club all over lid
-Showstopper in crease and outer V

- Mac Fluidline in Graphic Brown

-Estee Lauder Brown Pencil

-Too Faced Lash injection

And a quick run down of my past few not-so-exciting-but-better-than-exam days.

Went to get my camera fixed on Monday in Chatswood; no thanks to whereis which made me walk in a circle, and then in the wrong direction - although some people who I ranted to insisted that I copied down the directions wrong. I'll hear back from them tomorrow as to whether it can be fixed, but fingers crossed they can!

Tuesday was meant to be my "rest" day, but decided to go watch a movie with the free Hoyts ticket I had with a big group of people. We watched Dying Breed, quite gory but wasn't really good, and like a review I had read about it, I'm sure the Tasmanian tourism industry won't be liking it!

Today would've been a nice day at home had I not been asked by Jenny to do her makeup for SBHS formal ! I tried two looks on her, and she ended up picking a subtle greenish smoky eye - similar to the one I posted above but more toned down. It went pretty successfully I think, except for the trouble I had with false eyelashes; I think it's suffice to say that both of us will be hating it for a while!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Yours sincerely survived the HSC, oh yes she did!

Looking back, the last few weeks had been nothing more that just a blur - lots of procrastination, V, and attempts to study as well as a need to release "anger".

Nevertheless there was always the fun part, and the main highlights that I remember being Jiang and Emily Thai's birthdays.
Jenny's 18th where the theme was "pink"

Emily's birthday which consisted of food, food, and more food!

But I'm just really glad it is all over!

Immediate post-HSC celebration consisted merely of indulging in gelato with J and N and then shopping in city, and looking for a new foundation; but after only 3 hours of walking, boy my legs are aching!

A list of things I need to do are,
- Bin/bonfire notes that are no longer needed.
- Sell textbooks
- Find a job
- Clean up
- Clear out wardrobe and sell unnecessary clothes+shoes+makeup