Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Retail therapy, again.

Sorry about the non-update; the extreme weather is really getting to me...

From the top of my head... (my memory is getting worse at the age of 18, how pitiful.)
15/01- Watched Madagascar 2 with some lovelies, hobbled around the city from the blisters my new heels gave me (seriously they seemed quite comfortable, I did not expect to get 6 huge blisters by the end of the day!), and K'd for a while too.
19/01- Gambling at Donna's house with Emily, Lisa and Cath. Met up with Jacky in the afternoon and she gave me some goodies she bought me from HK. LOVE YOU!!!

Mac blot powder, #217, #239, #219, Dejavu Fiberwig mascara!!!

21/01- Guitar Heros at Karen's house with Emily and Belinda. Realised that I'm still somewhat coordinated, that Emily has no music talent (already knew that:D), and that Karen's singing is... ahem.....! Waited at home for uni offers to come out. Got into Commerce International.
22/01- Continued raging about offers (long story). Had dinner at Kabow with Lisa, Jacky and Nicola.

I got woken up this morning by the door bell. Turned out it was the postie with an ASOS box! I got really worried when I saw how crushed up the box was (there's makeup in there!), so I quickly ripped it open, but luckily nothing was shattered. I'm just disappointed that they didn't bubble wrap any of the items, and the airbag they put on the top had deflated?!?!

Squashed box.

Deflated airbag.

The goodies! Korres The Plum Collection - purple l/g, e/s, lip butter; Korres Lipgloss Trio, Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful.

Yes I'm aware I could've gotten these from work, but the thing was the TF palette had long sold out Australia wide when I decided I wanted it, and we don't stock these Korres gift packs which are great for presents! (If we did I'd go crazy over them, Korres colour range is awesome!)

I then ventured to that nail supply store people have been raving about, and I WISH I HAD DISCOVERED IT EARLIER! I had to exercise extreme self control to walk away with only 3 OPI polishes and a black nail art polish. They have quite a bit of OPI, China Glaze, Essie and Orly polishes, and although the most popular shades aren't available, the awesome price more than makes up for it! I'm afraid I'm going to get a nail polish addiction soon...

(L-R) Fair Dinkum Pinkum, Dress to Empress, Just Groovy.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy spending.

Although I've worked hard for the past month, I've almost got no pay left! The plan to save 50% of my pay turned into saving 10% instead. Nevertheless I've picked up many pieces of clothing items and a load of makeup which I'm quite pleased with, so I'll share some from the past few days with you!

Beauty Haul
- Korres Yogurt Cream + Guava Body Butter + samples for J's late birthday present for last year!
- Too Faced e/s duo in Boy Toy, Rich Bitch, Beauty Mark.
- Too Faced e/s in Blonde Ambition; this is one of the best colours ever, perfect on its own as a wash or together with any other eyeshadows. Everyone 10 customers I use this on, at least 7 purchase it - it's that good!
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance Policy; very versatile palette with gorgeous colours that can be mixed and matched to create lots of different looks.
- Kit small eyeshadow brush
- MAC Amber Lights e/s
- MAC Contrast e/s

Revolve Haul
April May Bicep Short Sleeve Dress

Rojas jacket - like the picture above but with bigger sleeves

Dorothy Lee Silk Oxford Jacket with Tie Back Detail (except mine is in black)

I absolutely LOVE Revolve. They stock heaps of quirky brands which Australia either doesn't have or sell for an outrageous price. Plus their sales are awesome, I purchased these three items for less than the original price of the cheapest one - how awesome is that!

I haven't been to DFO for at least a year now, and thought I'd visit today. I had an hour (literally) to browse through a few shops. Oroton had all bags for $195 or under, I had my eyes on one, but I controlled myself(!) Also tried on a tuxedo waistcoat in CUE - it looked so good (if I may so myself), but it wasn't on sale and I wasn't prepared to spend $150+ on a piece of clothing which I'd only wear once-twice in uni. Nevertheless, I managed to end up with a few purchases, most of which weren't for myself!
- Ralph Lauren Polo for dad
- French Connection patent orange tote as part of J's early present this year.
- Witchery leather bow belt for myself

I'm still waiting on a combined Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel order from the US. I can't wait! (but I think my wallet can...)


Monday, January 5, 2009

The comeback.

Yes, I'm well aware that I haven't blogged for almost a month. Work had took up a big part of my life for the past few weeks, I'm doing 4-6 days a week, so even when I do have a day off I'm too tired to leave the house. But it's nevertheless great because I'm actually enjoying what I'm doing whilst getting paid for it. It's just a shame that it'll come to an end soon.

A quick run-down of my life during this period thanks to photos...
13/12 - After this day and its events I realised I don't like clubbing. Which is a good thing I suppose.
25/12 - Christmas lunch with my loves at Bicentennial Park. It was all good except for the fact that all of us got sunburnt. Worst sunburn EVER. Taught me never to leave the house without sunscreen again.
26/12 - Boxing day sales. I wasn't going to go, but got persuaded. Bumped into Cyndi in Myer; her tomato red face cracked me up. Sales were pretty bad as I had expected, I only walked away with a bra, undie and Calvin Klein perfume set.
28/12 - Crashed Emily's house with about 10 other people. Played mah jong and poker for the whole day with KFC sometime in between. We then made egg tarts and exercised on her treadmill/bike.
31/12 - Ran to Oliver's 18th birthday dinner after work, ate at Golden Harbour in Chinatown, met up with Sam and other people, bought alcohol, insert 15-30min periods of undecision in between, and finally got to Lavender Park at Milson's Point at 11pm. Go figure since we left the restaurant at 8.30. The night passed until the girls all felt the urgency to pee, except the toilet lines were HUGE. Most succumbed to relieving in the bushes, but Kerry and I refused to, so we walked around a nearby hotel and ran in a door where there were no security guards. Relatively clean toilets. Mmm. Watched the fireworks; I thought it was pretty average, but apparently it was an awesome view from Darling Harbour. Headed off to Jeff's house afterwards, fighting crowds of rude, pushy people. People drank, people threw up, people passed out, people went hysterical etc. I left nearly next morning and got home at 9am. I felt like a fkn tb again. For shame.
02/01 - Sam turned 18 and we celebrated by going to Jamberoo! Jess drove Cyndi and I, alongside with two other cars - she's so nice for driving two complete strangers! It was so fun apart from the slightly cold weather. We were intrigued by Sam's slim and feminine albeit hairy legs, and he screamed higher than a girl in the Taipan. Funny shit. We ate overpriced fish and chip for lunch, and had a hard but delicious birthday cake. Ben tried to cake him, but FAIL. I loved the fake beach with the fake waves. So fun. Finished the day with racing cars and then drove to Wollongong RSL club for dinner.
05/01 - Sam's 2nd birthday thing for those who dogged him few days earlier. Lunch at Pepper Lunch, went K, amused by Nicola (an anal and conservative girl) singing JT's Sexy Back (I'll let you whip me if I misbehave...), Alin's amazing voice, and Ben's utter inability to sing. (Kidding) Went home pretty early yet still felt tired. And I've got work again tomorrow...

There, my lack of social life for the past month. Life is pretty damn boring at the moment, but hopefully it'll get better when uni starts!