Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting my head around all this...

I met up with L yesterday - poor girl had a minor surgery and couldn't leave the house for a month or so - as well as E, J, etc! It was so lovely to catch up and I can't wait till she's well enough to get back into basketball with us again.

Do I hear something? Excuse the pose!

I found this blouse at the Incu sale last year and fell in love with the little quirks that set it apart from other blouses I own - little frills that puff up the sleeves and the fabric is embroidered with little flower embroideries. So imagine how upset I was when I found it was put in the wash with a black dress and there were patches of black stain all over it! I had to rewash it about 5 times to get the dye out!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jacquard blouse
Mum's black high waist skirt

Hoping everyone's having a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm not moving.

Happy Australia Day!

I decided to brave the heat today and accompany my parents to the city to have a quick peek at what was happening at Darling Harbour. The good thing? I got to drive! First time driving to a city, a little intimidating, but pretty satisfying nevertheless!

The heat was overbearing so we had some iced chocolate and delices at Lindt cafe, yum!

Lots and lots of people everywhere! I saw some kids with a little plastic gun that shoots out a bunch of soap bubbles - and I really really wanted one!

Forever21 Jaime top
Abercrombie & Fitch denim shorts
Wittner flats
Le Spec sunnies
Forever21 quilted bow bag


Friday, January 22, 2010

It was once beautiful...

Do you know the moment of epiphany where you suddenly realise in the past two days you've somehow spent your week's paycheck? And then you say, oh but there's this pair of heels that I really want that's going to be on sale for one day only tomorrow... *slowly whips out credit card* I'm sure you've all been there and done that;) One thing I love about January is the further xx% sales (so so much better than Boxing Day), and the thing I don't is coming home with an empty wallet.

My favourite purchase would have to be this Ruffle Sleeve dress from Country Road, for, 50 dollars! I went back today to purchase the black version and another for mum, but they were all gone from the rack:(

Speaking of Country Road, I really really want these babies from their Jan 2010 collection. I think they'll be perfect for both uni (thanks to the flat sole) and going out. *Drools*

It's so disgustingly hot even at 7pm. Beach, here I come!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Told you from the start...

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I think my computer's video card is fried and I haven't had to fix it so I can't access any of my pictures!:(

I've been decluttering and have sorted out some clothes that I either don't fit in or just no longer where. I've listed them here on another blog, so please take a look! Alannah Hill, Therese Rawthorne, Sass & Bide, Lover, etc starting from $5!!

These cute Sass & Bide shorts are only $10!

I've recently bought none-slip soles and stuck them onto the bottom of all shoes that are remotely slippery. Although they aren't too expensive at about $10 a pop, when you do about 10 pairs they start to add up! Why did I bother? Well, walking out of a lecture hall last semester down a set of stone stairs and wearing a pair of Robert Robert boots which I adore (apart from this incident), I turned around to speak to a friend only to slip down a step and fly towards the ground in front of a crowd waiting to go into the next lecture. Luckily I managed to reach out and grab a nearby railing before smashing into it full force with my knees - at least it saved me from a face plant in the concrete! It was so horrifyingly painful not to mention embarrassing. The thumb-sized scar on my left knee is therefore constantly reminding me to buy more of those soles and to resole any old, worn-out shoes! So learn from my mistake and go do the same to your shoes! Although I got to say, when they charge $400RRP for a pair of boots, you'd expect them to use leather or rubber soles...


Monday, January 4, 2010

Roses come with thorns

Happy New Year everyone!

I spent NYE at E's house with a few other awesome friends eating, drinking and playing games. It was a relatively quite night (compared to other years) but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

E's outdoor fish pond!

M, me and E

Woodford & Co Riding Horses Dress
Forever21 pearl headband
China Glaze, For Audrey on nails

S turned 19 a few days ago and we went rock climbing at St Leonards to celebrate!
Yup, this is yours sincerely sticking her massive backside at you!

Some of the boys in the backseat!

It was a humid day so we headed off to Chatswood for lunch, and ended up playing Hide and Seek in Myer! It felt good to act like kids again!

A, me, C and N

I've only made 2 new years resolution because I know I most likely won't keep them!